Pius XI Medal


With the goal of promoting scientific research, the Pius XI Medal is awarded by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences every two years to a young scientist under the age of 45, chosen by the Academic body for his or her exceptional promise. A few of the winners have also become members of the Academy (see active links).

Winners of the Pius XI and Pius XII Prizes 1939-43
1939 Corneille J.F. Heymans (Belgium) Life Sciences
1942 Harlow Shapley (USA) Astronomy (Award info)
1943 Emanuel De Margerie (France) Earth Sciences (Award info)

The Pius XI Medal 1961-2012
1961 B. Woodward (USA) Chemistry (Award info)
1962 Bengt E. Andersson (Sweden) Life Sciences (Award info)
1963 Aage Bohr (Denmark) Physics (Award info)
1964 François Gros (France) Life Sciences (Award info)
1966 Alan R. Sandage (USA) Astronomy (Award info)
1970 Haruo Kanatani (Japan) Life Sciences (Award info)
1972 György Némethy (Hungary) Physics (Award info)
1975 Stephen W. Hawking (UK) Astronomy (Award info)
1976 Lucio Luzzatto (Italy) Life Sciences (Award info)
1979 Antonio Paes de Carvalho (Brazil) Life Sciences (Award info)
1981 Jean-Marie Lehn (France) Chemistry (Award info)
1983 Gerardus t'Hooft (Netherlands) Physics
1986 Elizabeth A. Bernays (Australia) Life Sciences
1988 Luís A. Caffarelli (Argentina) Mathematics (Award info)
1992 Adi Shamir (Israel) Other Disciplines
1996 Mark M. Davis (USA) Chemistry (Award info)
2000 Gillian P. Bates (UK) Life Sciences (Award info)
2000 Stephen W. Davies (UK) Life Sciences (Award info)
2002 Stanislas Dehaene (France) Life Sciences (Award info)
2002 Juan M. Maldacena (USA) Physics (Award info)
2004 Laure Saint-Raymond (France) Mathematics (Award info)
2006 Ashoka Sen (India) Physics (Award info)
2008 Juan A. Larraín (Chile) Life Sciences (Award info)
2010 Patrick Mehlen (France) Biology (Award info)
2012 Trees-Juen Chuang (Taiwan) Genomics (Award info)
2012 Ulrich Pöschl (Austria) Chemistry (Award info)
2014 Cédric Villani (France) Mathematics (Award info)
2016 Mariano Sigman (Argentina) Neurosciences (Award info)
2018 Noble Ephraim Banadda (Uganda), David M. Sabatini (USA), Miriam Serena Vitiello (Italy) (Award info)


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